Know your Xcode

A couple of tips for using Xcode more efficiently.

  • Most commands that start an operation stop it as well. ⌘B, for example, starts and stops a build. ⌘⌥R will terminate a running subshell.

  • Rule of key commands: With ⌘ and no other modifiers, the key command does at least a build. ⌘⌥ will do that thing alone, without building first. ⇧⌘ opens the progress window for that operation, without actually doing it. This applies to:

    • ⌘B/⇧⌘B (Build, Build Results)1
    • ⌘R/⌘⌥R/⇧⌘R (Build and Run, Run, Run Log)
    • ⌘Y/⌘⌥Y/⇧⌘Y (Build and Debug, Debug Executable, Debugger).

Any other suggestions? Please post them in the comments.

  1. There is no ⌘⌥B because, obviously, you cannot build without building.

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