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This bug is RadarWeb does not uses separate first name from MyInfo. Yes, I know that that statement is incoherent — I don't know how “does not” got in there. In any case, it was filed on 2006-04-07 at 04:04 PDT.


ADC (including RadarWeb) uses the developer's last name from MyInfo, but uses its own storage for the first name.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Apple's MyInfo page and login.
  2. Change your name.
  3. Go to ADC or RadarWeb and login.

Expected Results:

ADC or RadarWeb greets you as, for example, "Peter Hosey".

Actual Results:

ADC or RadarWeb greets you as, for example, "Mac-arena Hosey".


None known.


I originally signed up for my ADC account under my pseudonym, "Mac-arena the Bored Zo". When I signed up for iTMS, I noticed in the terms of service that one's real name is required. So I changed it. ADC only picked up half the change. It seems to use separate storage for the first name, but the same storage for the last name.

iTunes and MyInfo display my first name correctly.

The relevant section of the TOS is section 7. Quoth the TOS:

You agree to provide accurate, current, and complete information required to register with the Service and at other points as may be required in the course of using the Service ("Registration Data").

And one of the things required is one's name.

UPDATE 23:19 PDT: At 14:10, an Apple employee replied to the bug report, telling me that he updated my profile to reflect the change. It is, indeed, updated. The bug report is still open, however, and set to the "Verify" state.

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