Apple bug Friday! 12

This bug is Speech Managers do not support Unicode. It was filed on 2006-03-23 at 23:07 PST.


Neither the Speech Synthesis Manager nor the Speech Recognition Manager has support for Unicode text (CFStrings).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Attempt to speak Unicode text using Speech Synthesis Manager.
  2. Attempt to receive Unicode text from the Speech Recognition Manager.

Expected Results:

The Unicode text is successfully spoken, and speech from the user is successfully received as Unicode text.

Actual Results:

No results, because it is impossible to write such an application. Neither Manager supports Unicode.


None known.


Since Mac OS X now has CFStrings, the Speech Managers should at the very least support using these for input and output, even if actual parsing and recognition are limited to ASCII or MacRoman.

This could be extended in a future version of Mac OS X, with better support for other languages and accents using a broader range of the Unicode character set. Hard, I know — it would be a major feature, not a relatively-minor API enhancement like simply supporting CFStrings. CFString support is simply a first step in that direction.

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