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This bug is -[NSMenu menuBarHeight] always returns 0.0f. It was filed on 2006-03-17 at 23:55.

UPDATE 2006-03-25: Uploaded test app to GeoCities.


NSMenu's -menuBarHeight method always returns 0.0f. Even the main menu's.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Call [[NSApp mainMenu] menuBarHeight].

Expected Results:

The method returns 22.0f.

Actual Results:

The method returns 0.0f.


None known.


Appearance Manager (in the form of the GetThemeMenuBarHeight function) and NSMenuView (in its +menuBarHeight method) both return 22.0f, the correct height of the menu bar under Tiger.

The documentation for +[NSMenuView menuBarHeight] recommends using -[NSMenu menuBarHeight] instead.

This method is superseded in Mac OS X v10.4 by the NSMenu menuBarHeight instance method.

Following this advice would break one's app on 10.4.3 through 10.4.5 (the bug exists on 10.4.5 as well).

The bug works with any menu — the main menu isn't the only one. It's just the most obvious menu to call that method on.


Use GetThemeMenuBarHeight or +[NSMenuView menuBarHeight].

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