Report-an-Apple-bug Friday! 8 (follow-up)

I got a follow-up to Report-an-Apple-Bug-Friday! 8. I've HTMLized it, but otherwise it is unchanged.

This is a follow-up to Bug ID# 4481916. We have received the following update regarding your report:

<GMT23-Mar-2006 22:01:55GMT> Ray SAMPSON:
Engineering has determined this issue behaves as intended based on the following information:

Please know, EV_EOF is not to be set for just reaching the current end of a regular file. Otherwise, you could never wait for more data to arrive.

The flag indicates that no more data will ever be present to read - as when the sending end of a socket is closed. The closest thing for a regular file is when the containing filesystem is force-unmounted (which is when EV_EOF will be set for a regular file).

I'm satisfied. I put the following comment on the bug:

I suggest that this information be added to the manpage for kqueue, that EV_EOF does not get returned for a regular file unless the device containing the file disappears (along with any other circumstances that would cause that).

Thanks for the information.

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