CPU Usage 0.3

An unobtrusive (unless it needs to be obtrusive) CPU usage meter.

CPU Usage meter, shown relative to a Finder window, indicating 40% CPU usage.

When your CPU usage is low, the floating window is nearly invisible. When your CPU usage is high, the floating window becomes more prominent, until it becomes completely opaque at 100% CPU usage.

Multiple-CPU-core machines, as you might expect, beget a version of the window that has multiple, connected CPU-usage cells. (If you have such a machine, feel free to send me a screenshot that I could put on the webpage. Let me know how to credit you, too.)

Though the first two versions are available to the public, this is the first public release. The previous versions had a large memory leak; this version fixes it, and therefore has no known bugs. (Still not 1.0 because it's not done. I have one or two features that I want to add in future versions.)


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