Plus and minus images, mark 2

I couldn't figure out why my images were so much bigger than Adium's.

du -b Frameworks/AIUtilities\ %~/Projects/@otherpeoplesprojects/adium(127) > \ Framework/Resources/{pl,min}us.png 85 Frameworks/AIUtilities Framework/Resources/plus.png 77 Frameworks/AIUtilities Framework/Resources/minus.png ___ cd ~/Dom*/plusminus %~/Projects/@otherpeoplesprojects/adium(0) ___ du -b {pl,min}us-8.png %~/Domain of the Bored/plusminus(0) 607 plus-8.png 601 minus-8.png

This annoyed me, because I wanted to move my images into Adium, but couldn't justify it with the size difference (Adium already weighs heavily on people's disks, so I'm reluctant to increase it even by a K).

Finally, it dawned on me. (I've said before how answers will just pop into my head randomly without me even thinking about it.) I fired up Photoshop, and sure enough, I had saved my images as RGB, not grayscale. Since there is no saturation anywhere in the image, there's no reason for me to use RGB, so I changed the images to grayscale and ran the latest versions of OptiPNG and pngcrush over them.

The new sizes:

du -b {pl,min}us-8.png %~/Domain of the Bored/plusminus(0) 82 plus-8.png 75 minus-8.png

I'll add them into Adium at some future time.

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