Daily Show on iTunes, in subscription-ish form

The Unofficial Apple Weblog announces that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are now in iTunes:

The sale of these shows is being handled a bit differently. You can buy a "multi-pass" for both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for $9.99US. This gets you the current episode, and sets up iTunes to automatically download future episodes as they become available (up to 16 episodes).

this is equal to paying 62.4375¢ per episode. that's cheaper than music. especially when you consider that 20 minutes of music will usually cost you at least $10 (because songs over 8 minutes are usually album-only).

TUAW says that there weren't any episodes. there is one now (of each), and it is $1.99, the same as all other TV show episodes on iTVS. there is no reason to buy single episodes of The Daily Show — get the multi-pass and save yourself $21.85.

UPDATE 14:29: I should clarify that you can buy these shows an episode at a time if you want to. there is just no reason to, because the multi-pass costs so much less.

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