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on Undernet #macintosh, a long time ago, we invented a game called 'in your pants' in your pants. the idea being to take any sentence or sentence fragment in your pants, put 'in your pants' after it in your pants, and thereby form a double entendre in your pants. good for when you're really Bored in your pants.

I just thought of a new IRC game OF DOOM. awhile back, Colin set his away message OF DOOM to 'Sleep... OF DOOM'. so the new game is to put 'OF DOOM' after any noun OF DOOM.

enjoy in your pants OF DOOM.


at 1/03/2006 05:44:00 AM, Anonymous huwr said...

The trouble is that it might become recursive in my pants OF DOOM. See, now I broke the rules OF DOOM just now because I didn't finish the sentence OF DOOM with "in my pants" in my pants OF DOOM. As such, it should be something like in my pants OF DOOM in my pants OF DOOM in my pants OF DOOM in my pants OF DOOM in my pants OF DOOM... whaa!


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