My home page, and the pointers tutorial

as some of you know, I used to have a website, but when Colin's server ate its own hard disk, that went away. I still have the backups, fortunately, but you can't get to those from the internet.

as some of you also know, I have a Yahoo! account.

as probably a lot of you know, Yahoo! bought GeoCities a long while back.

so for now, until I get some better hosting lined up (suggestions?), I've set up web space at GeoCities. the new Domain of the Bored. yes, there's nothing there yet.

except for the ever-popular pointers tutorial.

several times now, I've given people a one-on-one tutorial on the nature and care and feeding of pointers in C. this spiked this month, with me giving the talk twice. so I decided to write it up and make a webpage out of it.

enjoy the pointer talk.


at 12/25/2005 02:10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

:)) lol...time for my own dinner..season's greetings...


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