The blog moveth

I finally went and did it.

I signed up for hosting from TextDrive and my domain from Active-Domain, as I mentioned previously in my Hosting blog post. ☺

For one thing, this is the end of the long-temporary GeoCities hosting for my website. The website (now with an index page!) is now at http://boredzo.org./. And the blog follows it, to http://boredzo.org/blog/ (and of course the feed moves too).

If you've bookmarked or linked to any of my pages, you should update those bookmarks/links (the pointer tutorial, in particular). The new site has no risk of running into an hourly transfer limit, and also raises the disk quota from 15 MB (GeoCities) to 1 GiB (TextDrive).

Other related things:

  • I have a new email address. The GMail one isn't going away (and I'll continue to use it on the Adium and Growl mailing lists, since it has beefy spam filters and the Adium feedback list gets a lot of spam), but you should use this address whenever you want to send me email directly. It's stated on the front page of my website; I don't need to restate it here.
  • My PGP public key has been updated to include the new email address, and also to change over from my pseudonym to my real name. (The MIT keyserver still shows the pseudonym as well as the real name, I notice.)
  • I might see about setting up public SVN repos for some of the projects I've written.
  • The new blog runs on WordPress, with a custom (extremely minimalist) theme. Ken Ferry solved one of the problems I was having with the CSS in that theme, and I thank him for that.


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