Small world (and: Iron Coder v1!)

So I was uploading a fixed version of one of the screenshots on my Sand Sand Sand blog post, and decided on a whim to look at some of the stats for some of the other pages on my still-temporary (really!) GeoCities site.

Looking at the stats for my plus/minus images, I saw that the #1 referrer (besides "Unknown") is Jonathan Rentzsch's del.icio.us. "Cool," I thought, "Jonathan Rentzsch bookmarked my plus/minus images."

And as I was scrolling down his del.icio.us page, looking for the link to my plus/minus page, I stumbled upon some news: Iron Coder v1 is coming! Huzzah!

I don't know yet whether I'll participate. I'm still residually tired from the last one. It might depend on the API and the theme, and how much work I have as a mentor in Summer of Code.

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