A patch for IconFamily to support FSRefs

the current release version of Troy Stephens's IconFamily class, 0.5.1, uses FSSpec for all I/O. I updated it in July 2005 to use FSRef instead, and also fixed a memory leak and cleaned up a few minor code details. on 2005-07-19, I emailed the patch and a changelog to Troy Stephens.

so far, he has not applied the patch (or at least not put it on his website), nor has he even responded to my email. AFAIK, he simply threw it away (or never received it in the first place). I have the email archived, but I took no further action.

today, a user on IRC msged me and said that he had heard that I had written this, and he asked me for a copy. so I have zipped up the patch and the changelog (removing my ancient, recently-defunct email address from it), and posted it on my website. enjoy the IconFamily FSRef patch.


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